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welcome to confetti cake! this site is very much a work in progress, please bear with me while i figure out what i'm doing! ♡

Art of a cute anthro jackalope with plushie patches. They're smiling and waving.

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♡ (5/8/24) added shrines, collections, and projects pages! all wips
♡ (5/3/24) added more to my toybox!
♡ (4/30/24) neighbors added!! let me know if you use my button so i can link back to you!
♡ (4/27/24) updated about pages and sourced some toybox images! <3
♡ (4/26/24) added socials and toybox pages, both wips
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Animated pixel art of a yellow cake with white frosting and strawberries on top. It has pink sparkles and there's an already cut slice sitting in front of it. (placeholder!)